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TitleHydrologic Forecasting for Characterization of Non-linear Response of Freshwater Wetlands to Climatic and Land Use Change in the Susquehanna River Basin
AbstractTo characterize nonlinear responses to global climate change in linked aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through 1. Selection of a linked terrestrial-aquatic ecosystem that provides critical ecosystem services and ecological functions, 2. Characterization of various global change scenarios, incorporating both climate and land cover, and a method of assessing their effect on the identified ecosystem through the primary forcing factor of hydrology (both alone and in conjunction with other human-associated stressors), 3. Identification of potential nonlinear ecological responses (sensu Scheffer et al., 2002) in the selected ecosystem as a result of these changes, and 4. Estimation of the resultant change in ecosystem services on a watershed and Basin-wide scale in the Susquehanna River Basin.
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