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TitleNontornadic supercell thunderstorms observed by the Doppler-On-Wheels radars analyzed in the Markowski et al. (2011) study
AbstractThe dataset consists of the three-dimensional wind fields within three nontornadic supercell thunderstorms that were retrieved from dual-Doppler radar observations obtained by a pair of Doppler on Wheels (DOW) radars. The storms were observed near Brownfield, TX, on 3 May 2001, near Sprague, NE, on 12 June 2004, and near Las Animas, CO, on 17 June 2004. All three storms displayed strong low-level rotation (e.g., the vertical vorticity maxima exceed 0.05 sā€“1 in the lowest 1000 m AGL in each storm). The software used to analyze the radar data also is included.
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Markowski, P.
Penn State Department of Meteorology

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Markowski, P. M., M. Majcen, Y. P. Richardson, J. Marquis, and J. Wurman, 2011: Characteristics of the wind field in three nontornadic low-level mesocyclones observed by the Doppler On Wheels radars. E. Journal of Severe Storms Meteor, 6(3), 1ā€“48.