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TitleWork Projects Administration (WPA) Mine Maps
AbstractWPA Mapping was drawn in the 1930’s as part of the “Works Progress Administration”. All mining shown on the WPA Maps is assumed to have taken place ‘Prior to 1935’. The WPA Maps were laid out based on the 15’ USGS Topographic Quadrangles, consisting of nine (9) 5' sections. The lower right corner of the WPA Maps includes the sheet name and coal seam covered by the sheet. The latitude and longitude of each corner of the WPA Map is shown. The adjacent WPA Map is listed at each corner and mid way along each edge. The contour lines on the WPA Maps indicate the elevation of the coal seam in feet “above sea level”. The coal seam outcrop is shown using a heavy black line. The outcrop is the point where the coal seam elevation and the surface elevation are equal. The speckled areas on the maps indicate completely mined out areas. The symbol that looks like a ladder indicates a mined out area where passage ways ("Mains") were first developed. Clear areas, which are inside the outcrop, were not mined as of 1935. Occasionally mine names and operator names appear around the mined out areas, however clear mine boundaries are not shown. Oil and gas wells are shown on the maps as star-like symbols.
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