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TitleBiofuel Feedstock Potential in the Chesapeake Bay - Switchgrass on Abandoned Cropland
AbstractThis layer shows potential land area for the production of biofuel feedstocks, specifically switchgrass, on cropland that has been abandoned since 1969. This time frame was chosen to exclude abandoned land that has developed a mature forest cover, and consequently an inapropriate location for growing switchgrass. Areas and corresponding crop production totals are aggregated by counties in the Chesapeake Bay.
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Richard, T. L.
Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Baxter, R. E.
Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment

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Chesapeake Bay Commission and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (2010). Chesapeake Biofuel Policies: Balancing Energy, Economy and Environment. Retrieved August 21, 2012, from