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TitleCFF/EETT Evaluation Project - Spring 2007 CFF Pre-Teacher
AbstractThe goal of the CFF/EETT Evaluation Project is to collect and share data describing changes in the factors that are hypothesized to enhance student performance by improving achievement on standardized examinations and promoting student engagement and the development of 21st Century knowledges and skills. This information has been used to steer the program's implementation, hence increasing the probability that the program will be successful and sustainable. The protocol and research questions for the Classrooms for the Future/21st Century Teaching and Learning with Technology (CFF) evaluation were developed in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) prior to the implementation of the program in the 2006-2007 academic year. The CFF/EETT Evaluation Project's scope has included the monitoring of the changes taking place in the 453 participating school districts in the CFF program among 9996 participating teaching in 2011. The CFF program has achieved success on the measures that were established to evaluate its implementation and impact. Despite numerous challenges and setbacks (including funding cuts), this reform agenda has continued through professional development activities in the districts (2007 - 2011). Understanding the adoption, diffusion of the reform's message, related implementation practices, and results of the CFF program will help Penn State, PDE, and key stakeholders to interpret the trends that have occurred after implementing the reform initiative. With minor revisions, this CFF evaluation has been adapted to changing contexts and new populations of participating schools. In many respects a continuation of the CFF model, the 2009 - 2010 Pennsylvania Title IID program (EETT) implements the same model of school reform based on changes in teaching practices in technology intensive classrooms. This program encompasses grades 5-12 in a variety of subject areas in low income and low achieving school districts throughout the state and was frequently used by CFF districts to expand this high school reform model into the middle and elementary grades. For more information on the EETT component of the evaluation please click here for a press release about the EETT Evaluation. If you are a researcher or education professional and have questions about the data, our evaluation efforts with the 2010-2011 EETT initiative, or the CFF/EETT Evaluation Projects conclusions about the CFF and EETT programs please contact Robin Clausen at or 814-574-7722. Sponsor - Pennsylvania Department of Education Partners - Casenex, Metiri Group, Survey Research Center (Penn State University). Data included in Download: Excel spreadsheet of survey results.
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Baker, R. M.
Penn State College of Education
Clausen, R. L.
Penn State College of Education
Peck, K. L.
Penn State College of Education

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