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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Data Commons Open Data Portal at Penn State?

The Data Commons at Penn State was developed to achieve long-term archiving, sharing, and access to data in support of research, outreach, and teaching at Penn State. The Data Commons at Penn State is an open data portal that serves the Penn State community by providing open access to and preservation of data. The Data Commons at Penn State provides access to data, metadata, models, and tools. These can be in any format—geospatial data, spreadsheets, databases, APIs, and code for models to name just a few.

Open Data Portals like the Data Commons at Penn State are dedicated to promoting open access to data in order to preserve and share information all while furthering research and the development of creative tools. The Data Commons hosts data, metadata, models, and other data driven works from Penn State projects and provides open access to the broader community.

What is the purpose of the Data Commons?

Access to information is vital to much of the research, teaching, and outreach conducted by the Penn State Community. The purpose of the Data Commons at Penn State is to serve as a portal to data, applications, and resources that support efforts across the Penn State community. The Data Commons facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration by connecting people and resources and through:

How do I participate?

Members of the Penn State community can easily share and house their data through the datacommons@psu. The datacommons@psu will also develop metadata for your data and provide information to support your NSF, NIH, or other agency data management plan. Just contact us at

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The datacommons@psu is made possible through resources provided by Penn State Institutes of Energy & the Environment, the Penn State Institute for CyberScience, PSU Research Computing & Cyberinfrastructure.